Plant disposable tableware production line


Plastic egg comb production machine / launch box



First of all, it is necessary to explain that PET-lined containers can not be produced in thermoforming press machine for producing containers such as glasses, buckets, plates, etc. without lids from PP and PS materials.


Due to the fact that the material and raw materials of containers such as egg combs, lunch box containers, and other containers are made of PET materials, and also the containers have lids and hinges and have locks, so to produce containers with this shape and type of raw materials, The 3 stations vacuum forming machine
In the vacuum forming machine, which is usually in two models of two stations or three stations, the containers in the first station under the mold, which is for shaping, under pressure and suction, the wind and vacuum take the form of the mold and in the station and The second press is performed by cutting and separating the sheet



In 3-station presses, they are also intended for the production of special containers, for example, for the production of food containers with lids, which also have locks, in the first press, forming, in the second press, punching, and in the third press, cutting operations are performed, or For example, we have containers such as seedlings. To produce these containers in this machine, the containers are formed in the first press but not separated from the sheet, and in the second press they are punched and punched, and in the third station, the containers are cut and separated from the sheet.







Two-station vacuum forming machine




Three-station vacuum forming machine





Containers produced in this machine



  • Food containers with lids
  • Perforated and locked containers
  • Low-rise containers
  • Types of launch boxes and fruit boxes
  • Foam containers




Raw materials containers


  • Pet
  • PVC
  • Polystyrene
  • Foam
  • herbal



Sample containers that can be produced with vacuum forming press






Egg comb being produced in vacuum forming press





It is necessary to explain and note that among the manufacturers of the device in Iran, only 2 or 3 units have licenses and licenses for the operation of industrial and mining structures.Behsaz Polymer Industrial Group has been operating since 2000 under the operation license of the Industrial Organization

Also, unfortunately, most of the advertisers on the Internet are intermediaries as manufacturers of disposable tableware and do not have any license from the Industrial Department. And even the name of the company or brand chosen to introduce its product is not registered in any office or organization.