Consulting, Design, Production, Commissioning of a Line of Disposable Tableware / Machines / Equipment

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Consulting and commissioning

Production hall required to set up at least one production line / dimensions / interior / electrical / sanitary principles

Approximate dimensions of the hall required: width of at least 7 meters (according to the dimensions of the device for placement in the hall)

In the discussion of exporting disposable tableware, having a sanitary manufacturing license is absolutely necessary.

Production Line Design

How to choose the type of device according to the amount of investment and market conditions
Complete production line of disposable tableware for thermoforming system for polymer tableware

6 peripheral line of polymer packaging

Production line parts and accessories

Complete production line of disposable tableware, thermoforming system or vacuum forming of vegetable tableware, all specifications are listed

Construction / Installation Equipment

6 peripheral line of polymer packaging

  1. Polymer mill machine for sheet with 80 cm opening
  2. Wind compressor with a capacity of 3 cubic meters and a working pressure of 8 times per production line
  3. Water cooling chiller with a capacity of 5 tons for each production line


  • PVC sheet production line
  • PET sheet production line
  • PP – PS sheet production line
  • Production line of hard and transparent PVC sheet
  • PC polycarbonate sheet production line
  • ABS-HIPS single and multi-layer sheet production line

Ancillary Equipment

  • Gas Absorber Material
  • Material Mixer
  • Container Mold
  • Laboratory Extruder
  • T-DIE Head
  • Cylinder and Rollers
  • Ceramic Element

Disposable Tableware

Production of disposable plastic containers

  1. Containers PP.PS
  2. Pet Dishes
  3. Herbal Dishes

Production of Polymer Sheets

  • PP / PS / Pet Sheet

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20 Years Experience

Behsaz Polymer Industrial Group, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing disposable tableware production line machines in this field and the products of this industrial unit are working in most domestic tableware production units in Iran and neighboring countries and more than It has been exported to 10 Arab and Asian countries and Eastern Europe.

Certification experience

Manufacture of disposable tableware production line machines

Export to more than 10 countries

Arabic and Asian and Eastern Europe

Powerful Tools

Yesterday is for experience and today is a plan for tomorrow. The past has come a long way and the experience of the past is a great monument of our industry today and today, by the grace of God Almighty; with the efforts of selected creative designers and utilizing enhanced power and experience on the monument of the ancients; We have been able to increase the quality of this industry, So help us in this way to go through the steps of success with you every day and wish you a better tomorrow.


All Production Line and Equipment of this Production Group have a Warranty and after-sales Support.

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